Coriander is a low-water and low-cost product

Director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Nahavand city said: Coriander is one of the low-water and low-cost crops that is cultivated in Nahavand in spring and autumn and all its stages are done mechanized and on average more than two tons are harvested per hectare.

Ahad Zafari stated: This year, more than 3500 hectares of lands in Nahavand city have been allocated for coriander cultivation and it is predicted that more than 6000 tons of spring and autumn coriander will be harvested from these lands by the end of the harvest season.

Zafari specified: Nahavand city with the annual harvest of 5000 tons of coriander is the first in the production of this product in the country.

He pointed out: Every year, more than 5,000 hectares of the country’s lands are dedicated to the cultivation of this crop, of which only 3,500 hectares of the lands of Nahavand city are cultivated with coriander, and out of 7400 tons of coriander production, nearly 6,000 tons are produced and exported in Nahavand. .

Zafari added: 98% of the coriander produced in Hamedan province is produced in Nahavand and unfortunately, due to the lack of proper processing equipment and factories, it is exported in raw form abroad and its profit goes to other countries.

He specified: 80% of the coriander seeds required by the country are supplied by Nahavand producers, who use this product in the fields of perfume, cosmetics, chemicals, food and chocolate.

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Nahavand city stated: 1500 hectares of Nahavand lands have been allocated for corn cultivation.

He specified the cultivated corn seeds of 704 and 678 grains: more than 25 tons of modified seeds have been distributed among the farmers in the city.