Harvesting 12,000 tons of coriander from Hamedan farms

The director of horticulture affairs of Hamedan Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization informed about the harvest of 12,000 tons of coriander in this province and said: 6400 hectares of coriander have been planted in the farms of Hamedan province this year, from which 12,000 tons have been harvested.

Hojjatullah Shahbazi, referring to the cultivation of 6400 hectares of coriander in Hamadan province, stated: 50 to 60% of the country’s coriander is produced annually in Hamadan province.

He stated that 99% of the coriander cultivated in the province belonged to Nahavand city, and specified: 99% of the cultivated area of ??this product in the province belonged to Nahavand city and the rest of the cultivated areas belonged to Tuyserkan and Vasadabad cities.

The director of horticulture affairs of Hamedan Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization, pointing out that last year 2,000 hectares of the province’s farms were under coriander cultivation, noted: Last year, 4,000 tons of coriander were harvested from the province’s farms.

Shahbazi, stating that coriander cultivation has been widespread in the province this year, added: Considering that coriander is one of the products for which the main part is exported and is currently in a good position in the export market due to rising currency prices, farmers and Gardeners in the province have turned to cultivating this plant and there has been a significant leap.

He considered Asian countries such as Pakistan and India as the main export destinations of coriander in the province and reminded: Coriander is often exported raw, but we are consulting with Nahavand agricultural organizations so that we can process this product in a processed and value-added manner. Export more.