Is chamomile tea sleepy?

It has been believed for many years that chamomile tea helps improve sleep quality, and although this claim has not yet been scientifically proven, believing it can still have beneficial effects for some consumers.

So far, very few studies have examined the effect of chamomile tea on sleep quality, and there are limited observations of the effect of this tea on insomnia, said Eric Zhou of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Sleep Medicine.

In this regard, in 2011, a study was conducted on a number of participants with chronic insomnia. Participants in the study received a capsule containing chamomile extract or overnight medication twice daily for 28 days.

Experts in this study did not find conclusive evidence about the effect of chamomile extract on better sleep. Although people who took chamomile capsules sometimes slept better and woke up less often during the night, the effectiveness was minimal.

However, another study conducted in 2016 on a number of mothers who had recently given birth found that drinking chamomile tea daily for two weeks made them sleep better and had fewer depressive symptoms.

Also in 2017, a study was conducted on a number of middle-aged participants and found that people who consumed higher doses of chamomile extract had better sleep than others.

Although conflicting results on the effectiveness of chamomile tea have prevented researchers from avoiding definitive answers about the biochemical effects of chamomile on the brain, it could be true that believing in the effectiveness of a compound or solution on better sleep quality can lead to better sleep. help.

Sleep quality is affected by many factors, including stress at home or at work, working with smartphones and laptops before bed, or even physiological stress. Worrying about sleep can also make the mind sensitive to it and make it even harder to sleep.

According to LiveScience, Zhou said that this effect can be seen by believing that drinking a cup of chamomile tea is hypnotic.