Treatment of sinusitis with chamomile incense

The doctor and researcher of Islamic medicine said: Chamomile incense is very useful for sinusitis.

Maryam Navabzadeh said: There are parts of the ducts in the face that when they become infected, they become inflamed and the mucus in them does not drain easily, thus causing complications called sinusitis.

He added: Sinusitis at all ages is a sign of the production of colds that is, dirty and chronic impurities, in other words, the same as runny nose in the head, hereditary anemia, phlegm, fatty liver, bloating and hormonal disease, and injections of antibiotics in this disease fail. The pus just dries out, but its essence remains in the arteries.

Nawabzadeh explained: In traditional medicine, a person with sinusitis is actually cold in the upper torso and gets sick very quickly, but this person burns the soles of his feet and this burning should be treated due to the concentration of blood or blood lipids and his sinusitis should be treated first. He treated and then relaxed the soles of the feet.

He added: A brain that is weak, the volume of waste products and viscous and phlegm produced by it also increases, and if these substances are not properly removed from the body, they gradually remain in the excretory ducts and produce infections, of which sinusitis is one example.

This physician and researcher of Islamic medicine stated: On the other hand, religious advice on inhaling water inside the nose and circulating water inside the mouth and throat with each ablution, has several wisdoms, including preventing the accumulation of this waste in the feces.

Nawabzadeh said: The main symptom of sinusitis is throbbing pain and a feeling of pressure in the face, which gets worse by bending forward.

Forehead sinusitis causes pain above the eyebrows and the forehead can be painful to the touch, he said. Jaw sinusitis causes pain in the upper jaw, teeth and cheeks, and may be confused with toothache.

The doctor and researcher of Islamic medicine, pointing out that inflammation of the sinuses above the nose causes pain around and between the eyes and around the nose, added: Inflammation of the sinuses around the ear can cause earache, neck or shoulder pain, pain behind the eyes or in Be on top of the head or temporal area.

Nawabzadeh stated: Sinusitis can cause fever, weakness, fatigue, loss of taste, smell and whooping cough at night.

He pointed out that the treatment of sinusitis is based on the two pillars of opening the sinus ducts and reducing the production of secretions.

This physician and researcher of Islamic medicine, stating that for the treatment of sinusitis, incense, especially chamomile incense, must be used, added: dripping violet oils based on sesame and black seed inside the nose, smoke and incense of Nesara amber, using medical snuffs and keeping the sinuses warm. It is important.